Tank TestingSince 1929, Sparkman & Stephens has completed thousands of designs, spanning the range of sailing and motor yachts - racers and cruisers, custom and production yachts, from small dinghies to megayachts. Yachts built to S&S plans dot oceans around the world, and behind each one of them is a yachtsman with a vision.

Our naval architects, engineers, designers, and brokers have a wide range of background and experience, and one important trait in common: a deep-rooted love and respect for yachting. Their talent, expertise, and personal dedication, combined with S&S' unparalleled database, bring a variety of perspectives to new designs, leading to the highest levels of creativity and innovation.

Sparkman & Stephens was founded by Drake Sparkman, an established yacht broker, and the Stephens brothers, Olin and Rod, Jr., both promising young designers. In 1931, Dorade (Design No. 7) won the Trans-Atlantic Race, earning the new yacht design firm monumental accolades within the yachting community.


Olin and Rod continued to lead Sparkman & Stephens through seven successful America's Cup campaigns, including the design of the J-Class boat Ranger and famous 12-meters Intrepid and Courageous, and the creation of the most recognized cruising and racing yachts of all time. Olin is said to have been the thinker and innovator, while Rod was the a talented yachtsman with exceptional mechanical skills - the two formed a well-balanced design team. S&S has striven to this day to employ a team that balances form and function, just as the Stephens brothers did.


Video Snippets: Narrated by Mr. John D. Fox, crewmember on Dorade during the 1931 Trans-Atlantic Race.