Yacht design requires a careful balance of many parameters to achieve a high measure of speed, comfort, and safety.  Designing a custom sailing or motor yacht is an immensely rewarding experience, where the goal is to achieve a yacht tailored to suit the owner's individual style, intended use, and unique functional and aesthetic requirements.  Our talented designers have the artistic touch to create a beautifully styled custom yacht from start to finish with great attention to detail - from general aesthetics, down to custom joinery and outfitting.

Sparkman & Stephens combines the style and grace of its early designs with trends in modern styling to transform a simple concept into a work of art.  Through the use of materials, finishes, hardware, and decorative elements, our designers bring an owner's personal touch to every last detail of a yacht's interior and exterior styling.  We transform a vision into reality, providing complete satisfaction to S&S yacht owners from generation to generation.

S&S has a strong background in engineering and science.  Our extensive knowledge of construction materials and methodology, as well as on-board systems and equipment, gives us the tools necessary to weigh various alternatives and reach the optimal solution.  We have at our fingertips an array of design tools that allow us to thoroughly design and engineer every aspect of a new yacht - from CAD and 3D surface modeling tools, to velocity prediction, tank testing, structural analysis, and fluid dynamics.

Our naval architects and engineers have the knowledge and expertise to create the best combination of performance characteristics, construction techniques, and equipment specifications.  We continue our involvement with comprehensive construction oversight and project management, ensuring that the owner's needs and desires are adhered to every step of the way.