When it comes to naval architecture and design, Sparkman & Stephens knows the importance of every last detail. Sometimes, we fulfill owner requests for original features, and other times, our designers introduce innovations through details large and small, interior and exterior alike.

Some examples include the special recesses that we built into the motoryacht MitSeaah, allowing her to have five-bladed propellers without compromising the owner’s requirement for a shallow draft.

And the “soft patch” we designed into the house top aboard Galileo, so that her world-cruising owner could undertake machinery refits without having to cut through wiring and piping.

Then there were the eco-friendly materials that we sourced for Safira, whose owner wanted an environmentally conscious megayacht.

And the unique steering pedestal we designed aboard the sailing yacht Aileen, whose wheel is forward of the pedestal, so the skipper needn’t reach through the spokes to access navigation and propulsion controls.

Whether the challenge involves design, engineering, naval architecture or all three, the Sparkman & Stephens team considers and refines details until a solution is achieved—one that is strong, beautiful and sophisticated, in keeping with the legacy of every yacht we’ve produced since 1929.

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