Interior design encompasses everything from how rooms flow through the space to the styling of the cabinetry. It includes countless materials that can be used in construction to details that affect everything from onboard comfort to safety underway. Far more than just choosing fabrics and colors, true interior design is a combination of aesthetics, naval architecture and styling—all areas in which Sparkman & Stephens excels.

The interiors aboard Sparkman & Stephens yachts range from traditionally nautical to contemporary and elegant—whatever the owner desires. We can create scaled-back and lightweight, yet beautiful, looks for yacht owners whose focus is racing, and we can create luxurious interiors for those whose primary concerns are guest comfort and opulent surroundings.

Sparkman & Stephens also offers eco-friendly interior design for powerboats and megayachts, a technique showcased in the megayacht Safira, built by Newcastle. On that project, our designers used innovative materials and methods not only to make life aboard eco-friendly, but also to ensure that a number of shipyard processes were environmentally conscious during the build phase.

No matter your personal tastes or your desire for a powerboat, megayacht or sailing yacht, the Sparkman & Stephens team can create an interior design that perfectly suits your cruising lifestyle.

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