Sparkman & Stephens is a legendary name in the history of sailing, for owners who focus on racing, cruising, and those who sail purely for pleasure. We have designed everything from America’s Cup champions for professional racers to day-sailing dinghies for children. Few, if any, other yacht design firms in the world can claim the depth and breadth of experience that Sparkman & Stephens offers.

Our sailing yachts have graced water around the world, bringing their owners immense pleasure and inspiring new ideas across the landscape of yachting as sport. When people see a Sparkman & Stephens yacht, they often marvel not only at the overall beauty, but also at the thoughtful innovations.

From the iconic racers Dorade and Ranger to the modern cruisers Nazenin V and Victoria of Strathearn, Sparkman & Stephens has earned a reputation for excellence. Our sailing yachts are strong, yet sophisticated; rooted in tradition, yet pushing the envelope of technology.

Sparkman & Stephens brings a century’s worth of experience to bear in every sailing yacht we create, and we continually strive to incorporate the latest advancements and materials in our designs.

Our firm is widely admired as a source of innovation, tradition and excellence in sailing. Whether you’re at the local yacht club or cruising across the Atlantic Ocean, the Sparkman & Stephens name is known and renowned.

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