At Sparkman & Stephens, we believe that tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand. It’s important to have a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise, and it’s paramount to build on that foundation with technological advances that improve the experience of yachting.

Some design and naval architecture firms believe in adding gadgets and gizmos for technology’s sake. Sparkman & Stephens approaches the use of technology differently. We look to innovate and evolve in ways that enhance the onboard experience, and never in ways that sacrifice beauty and substance.

Innovation comes in many shapes and forms. Sparkman & Stephens looks to optimize every powerboat, megayacht and sailing yacht starting from the first lines that the naval architect creates on the drafting board. We then follow through with technological advancements in construction and design, as well as systems integration, all leading to a synergy of innovation when the yacht takes to the water.

From hybrid propulsion systems to sail plans and rigging, Sparkman & Stephens combines intelligent design with state-of-the-art technology. That’s what distinguishes innovation from mere change.

We embrace new technology with a deep understanding of how yachtsmen actually use their megayachts, motor yachts and sailing yachts, in all kinds of environments, all around the globe.

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