Two Classic S&S Designs Breathing New Life In Holland

Over the past few years, Sparkman & Stephens has been assisting in the new build of two classic S&S designs from over half a century ago.

AVANTI  (Des. No. 85), one of the stable of classic ocean racers to come off of our boards in the 1930’s, enjoyed a very successful career of racing and cruising on the eastern seaboard both before and after World War II. Built by the Herreshoff Company as a design evolution of SANTANA and STORMY WEATHER but tragically lost as Hurricane Carol lashed the coast of Massachusetts in 1954, AVANTI broke her mooring and went ashore where she was strewn across the beaches of Padanaram harbor.

In 2011, an effort to recreate AVANTI began in the Netherlands. Lofted by hand, and lovingly constructed by her owner, AVANTI is nearing the fit out stages. When she is finished, the product will be a sight to behold.

In the same year as AVANTI met her end, another S&S Classic touched the water for the first time. IMPALA (Des. No. 1056) was built and launched by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany. Racing and cruising around New England in her early years, she has since traveled extensively from Nantucket to Norway to Nevis to Northern Italy and every port in between. A 15-year restoration, beginning in 1986, has made her a well preserved example of a late-classic with phenomenal sailing characteristics.

IMPALA’s lines are considered some of the most beautiful afloat and, in recognition of this, a sister ship is currently under construction in the Netherlands. Minimizing departures from the original, a philosophy garnered by sailing aboard the original, it will be the ideal boat for her owner to cruise with his family. The new IMPALA is in the midst of having her interior fitted, and should be gracing the waters of Europe with her aesthetic in good time.